ABC Kids Christmas Ornaments

ABC Kids Christmas Ornaments |

Hi friends! Earlier this month we shared our ABC Kids Christmas Tree as part of the #TagATree program with Michaels! Well today we’re sharing some tips on how we decorated the tree and one of the showcase features of that tree, the ABC Kids Christmas Ornaments!

When we set out to decorate a Christmas tree that’s perfect for a kids play area, we chose bright and fun colors, oversized stars to showcase those colors, simple vintage-style wooden beads and opted to DIY some ABC Kids Christmas Ornaments to add to to the interactive fun and whimsy. The ornaments are really easy to make, let’s walk it through!

What you’ll need:

ABC Kids Christmas Ornaments |

And the steps:

  1. Simply paint your carved wood letters with the colors you choose for your kids Christmas tree! We chose bright and fun colors that coordinated with the play area we were decorating.
  2. Once they’re dry, tie a loop of twine that you’ll use to hang your ornament, and simply “tack” the loop of twine to the back of each ornament with a thumbtack.

ABC Kids Christmas Ornaments |

And voila! In just one afternoon you can have a stack of ABC Kids Christmas Ornaments, ready to decorate your ABC Kids Christmas Tree!

ABC Kids Christmas Ornaments |

Don’t they just make you SMILE?! And they compliment the tree so well!

ABC Kids Christmas Tree | ABC Kids Christmas Tree | ABC Kids Christmas Tree | anightowlblog.comABC Kids Christmas Tree |

We also added some fun oversized stars and snowflakes for variety, both found at Michaels! The snowflakes were brown and we painted them with white spray paint to better fit in with the tree and the area. The stars we also painted to match the tree with the same craft paint as the ABC Kids Christmas Ornaments! The result is one cohesive and FUN Kids Christmas Tree!

If you haven’t seen our Dream Trees yet, stop by The Glue String to see all 30 – they will blow you away! You can help spread some holiday cheer by sharing a photo of my dream tree or any trees that inspire you this year on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag your friend, use the hashtag #TagATree and encourage them to do the same!

Don’t forget Michaels has a variety of Make it Merry projects for you and your family to work on this season! Head on down to get and get started on the merry making!

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