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One of my favorite things about having a baby- aside from the yummy newborn- was all of the beautiful, fresh flowers that everyone brought to the hospital!  I loved enjoying them at home for days after.  Two kids later, I didn’t realize how many vases I had acquired until I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinet a few weeks ago.  I had tons of plain glass vases just filling a cabinet and not being used.  I decided to DIY a few to breathe new life into them and incorporate them into our current decor (or gift them)!

I love all things vintage and am obsessed with beaded glass.  I’m slowly stocking up on a new (expensive) set of beaded dishes that I just can’t wait to have the entire collection.  This DIY Vintage Beaded Glass Vase was SO easy to make and totally transformed a boring plain glass into something beautiful and different.

I started with a smooth glass vase, two bottles of Martha Stewart glass paint (Raspberry Ice Gloss Opaque and Pink Flamingo Frost Translucent), a permanent marker, a felt tip brush, and one bottle of 3D fabric paint (Watermelon).



Make sure that the glass is clean and dry before beginning.  When you’re ready, use a permanent marker to apply the patter you want for you vase.  I went with a staggered dot all the way around.  The permanent maker is a great way to space your dots because you can simply wipe it clean to fix any mistakes.



After you have all of your dots placed where you want them, use the 3D Fabric paint to cover each dot with a puff of paint about the size of a peppercorn.  Allow the dots to completely dry before moving on.




I originally wanted to spray paint the vase, but couldn’t find any spray paint specifically for glass and was afraid it would just wash off when wet.  I opted for Martha Stewart glass paint instead.  I applied two coats of the opaque gloss and one final coat of the frost translucent, allowing it to fully dry between coats.  I tried to use a regular small paint brush, but found that the felt brush really did work better.





Pop in some of your favorite fake or real flowers (I’m currently crushing on carnations) and you’re all done!  I love the finished product.  My oldest daughter has already claimed this vase for her room.  It always makes me happy to give new life and purpose to something that is otherwise just sitting inside a cabinet not being used.  Even better when it only costs me a few dollars and an afternoon to do it!

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