Earth Day Printable Gift Tags

Create Earth Day Cookies for Gifts with FREE Earth Day Printable Gift Tags!

Earth Day Printable Gift Tags |

Earth Day Printable Gift Tags

Hey it’s Laura here sharing this awesome sauce fun for Earth Day!  While I believe that Earth Day should be celebrated and honored every day, it is really fun that there is one picked out as special where it gets to be a great big deal!  These cookies are not only adorable but fun to give as gifts with the Earth Day Printable Gift Tags attached.

Easy Earth Day Cookies

We are on Spring Break, which is a great time for baking.  To get started, we gathered up our ingredients and supplies! To make the cookies, use either a boxed blue cookie mix from the store or your favorite sugar cookie recipe with blue food dye to get the color.  I like to bake cookies in a whoopie pie pan because it keeps them from running together and gets better circles once baked.


Once the cookie cooled completely, we added a big BUNCH of frosting dyed green to half of them then put the other half of the cookie batch on for tops to create sandwich cookies.


If you plan to bake these for gifts, here is a FREE printable that you can use to create tags.  If you cut them out and mount them onto decorative paper, they are even CUTER.  You can shrink them down too and put them on smaller treats.

Earth Day Printable Gift Tags |

Earth Day Ideas

There are six different ones to choose from and while they are perfect for cookies, they are also great to use on other gifts too. Here are a few ideas:

  • Seed Packets for Neighbors
  • Garden Flowers for Friends
  • Baby Trees for Teachers
  • Little Packets of Grass Seed for Classmates


If you love celebrating Earth Day and love printable fun too, here is another fun one over on my blog, a FREE Earth Day Word Search Puzzle to do while you eat up the yummy cookies.


Supplies Suggested for Printables:

  • Xerox Laser Printer: I invested in this printer for printables and projects just like these! The toner lasts a long time and produces great paper products.
  • Matted Frame: This frame is matted for 8×10 printables and affordable!
  • Multipurpose Scissors: I always suggest to have great scissors on hand.

Our Earth day favorites:

  • Re-Play Recycled: Made in the USA, Re-Play plates and utensils are made from recycled milk jugs.
  • Compost Bin: Composting is a small but powerful step in creating a creating a greener, better earth for all of us.
  • Kids Gardening Set: Pass on a love for the environment and sowing seeds with this adorable gardening set.

For more Earth Day Projects, check out:

For More Kids Crafts, check out:

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