Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas |

Hi friends! Are you ready for MORE Thanksgiving goodness and inspiration? Last week I shared an overview of our Thanksgiving collaboration and Thanksgiving Party Ideas with Just Destiny Mag and some easy Thanksgiving Party Favors. And today I’m following up with some fabulous and effortless Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas!

This year we’re getting everything we need for Thanksgiving from World Market! They have it all from Entertaining and Kitchen products right on down to ideas for favors and gifts. Everything you need. So for our hostess gifts naturally I shopped my local WM and picked up the goods I needed to make a couple different Hostess Gift Ideas. One for the “Wino” and one for the “Foodie.”

Hostess Gift Ideas |

First up, if you have wine lovers in your circle, these Faux Fur Wine Bags! I mean ahhhhh they’re just so pretty and festive! And while they’d be a great gift in and of themselves, we have a couple ideas for filling and dressing them up! First, we grabbed some Foodies wine that was a great price and came highly recommended by the knowledgable World Market staff.

Hostess Gift Ideas |

If you’re not sure if your hostess enjoys white or red wine, it’s always the best bet to go with an easy white wine – but we grabbed a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir. Both classic and easy to love wines. We wrapped our Foodies wine with the lovely faux fur bags. Then to top things off you can tie a little trinket to your bag! We shared a couple of ideas, one with a lovely Metal Flower Wine Stopper and one with a classic Wing Corkscrew. And there you have it, in just minutes you have a lovely Hostess Wine Gift for your favorite wine lover.

Hostess Gift Ideas | Hostess Gift Ideas |

For a hostess who is more of a “Foodie” than a “Wino”…we’ve got that covered to with this simply sweet Pie Box Gift!

Hostess Gift Ideas |

For this gift we picked up the oh so popular “Eat More Pie” Wood Box. Isn’t is just the cutest? Any hostess on your list would just love to receive it. Now you can bake up a pie to put right in this box but if you’re running short on time (and let’s face it, there will probably be PLENTY of pie and leftovers), I thought we’d go the leftover route!

Hostess Gift Ideas |

World Market has the world’s cutest To-Go Pie Slice Boxes that should be tops on your hostess’ wish list. We assembled a couple of these boxes and tossed them in. And one thing I think it is fun to splurge on for your hostess is this gorgeous Vintage Style Pie Server! Now THAT is something that she can put to good use on Turkey day or any day after.

Hostess Gift Ideas |

Just package it all up with a little filler and you have the most darling Pie Box Hostess Gift you ever did see!

Hostess Gift Ideas |

So what do you think? Are you feeling inspired by our Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas? We hope so! And we hope you head on down to World Market to get your fill of Thanksgiving entertaining and gift items this holiday season because you just can’t go wrong.

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A HUGE thank you to World Market for sponsoring our Thanksgiving party!

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