Stay Golden St. Patrick’s Day Gifts

Stay Golden St. Patrick's Day nail polish gift

Hi friends! Just a week until St. Patrick’s Day and I figured it was about time that I shared with you the fun treats we’re giving out this year! First up – the teachers gifts! I always like to do something a little special for teachers because well, let’s face it, what they do is so important! And it’s so much fun to take treats in for the little kiddos, but it’s easy to switch up those favors for adults. In this case, how about a “Stay Golden” gift with some fabulous GOLD nail polish?! What lady wouldn’t want a little gold glitter in their lives, right? So on to our “Stay Golden” St. Patrick’s Day Gifts!

No complicated step-by-step here, but I will let you know what I used to put these adorable gifts together…

What you’ll need:

And the steps:

  1. I painted a small planter pot black to kick things off.
  2. I glued in some rainbow colored pipe cleaners as a rainbow handle.
  3. I filled the pot with paper filler and plopped some chocolate gold coins on top.
  4. I nestled in the gold nail polish and tied a “Stay Golden” tag around the outside.

And you’re done! And the result are these adorable “Stay Golden” St. Patrick’s Day gifts…

Stay Golden St. Patrick's Day nail polish gift Stay Golden St. Patrick's Day nail polish gift Stay Golden St. Patrick's Day nail polish gift

Want to make some of the same, or your own version of a “Stay Golden” gift? Download these awesome printables by Feathered Arrow Press! Simply right click and save the image below to download and print! (Please do not share/copy/or sell this printable. You may “pin” it, but please source correctly. You may not claim it as your own or alter the image. It is for personal use ONLY! This image is property of A Night Owl and Feathered Arrow Press.)

Stay GoldenStay Golden St. Patrick's Day nail polish gift

So what do you think of our “Stay Golden” St. Patrick’s Day Gifts? We had a lot of fun making these and we have the kids gifts to share with you soon – stay tuned!


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