St. Patrick’s Day Mantel

St. Patrick's Day Mantel - A Night Owl Blog

Another holiday approaching means it’s time to update the Sneed home “mantel”, or the shelves we hung at our entryway just this Christmas so that we have a fun way to decorate for the season. And this season is St. Patrick’s Day! My goal with these shelves is to only ever spend a few dollars per update. This time around, I put my “Thrifty Thursday” skills to work for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Mantel.

St. Patrick's Day Mantel - A Night Owl Blog

The beautiful “S” monogrammed frame we received from my parents at Christmas. I was actually glad that I hadn’t found the perfect place for it in our house yet, because I’m loving it right here. It just might stay. It came with just clear glass, but I found this lovely green scrapbook paper behind it that I felt gave it a little St. Patty’s flair. I paired it with a small reed sphere that I picked up from a Goodwill trip.

St. Patrick's Day Mantel - A Night Owl Blog

On the bottom shelf, the candlestick, brown frame, and wooden box were all purchased at Goodwill. The shamrock and banner cutout were leftovers from the St. Patty’s Day Banner that I made for a friend.

St. Patrick's Day Mantel - A Night Owl Blog

The Irish Blessing Printable I made a couple of weeks ago after coming across it when researching fun ideas for St. Patty’s Day. I really like the message. The cork board I had bought from the Target dollar area a few months ago. And lastly the light green candle and springy flowers are from the dollar store.

St. Patrick's Day Mantel - A Night Owl Blog

I love the way it all turned out! All the green makes me happy. What do you think of our St. Patrick’s Day Mantel? Now to start planning for Easter! Never a dull moment…

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  1. I love it! The initial frame does look very nice there. I love that you put together such a great display with thrifted items. Thanks for sharing @ the Delectable Home.

  2. I live in an apartment in los angeles with no mantel (and not much insulation either… they seem not to expect to be cold in LA despite going down to the 40’s in winter!) But I DO have a bookcase! I keep on shelf always free for cherished small decorative items and displays like this. I could make a St. Pat.s Day arrangement on it. Thank you for the ideas!

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