DIY Popsicle Chalkboard

DIY Popsicle Chalkboard |
Hi friends! The end of Summer is here! And while here in sunny Arizona we’ll be enjoying popsicles for weeks to come, for some of you this may be the Summer sweet treat’s last hoorah! So why celebrate with some DIY popsicle fun – as in – a DIY Popsicle Chalkboard! That’s right! Did you know that you can create a chalkboard in ANY shape you’d like with Elmer’s Chalkboard Foam Board? That’s right – FOAM BOARD that is a chalkboard! I love crafting with foam board, and Elmer’s carries different varieties and colors – also in Chalkboard, Cork Board and even Dry Erase board! They are versatile and light weight, which means you can make whatever you would like from the foam board and hang it up and display with ease.

What you’ll need:

DIY Popsicle Chalkboard |

And the steps:

  1. Let’s start with the chalkboard component, using the Elmer’s Chalkboard Foam Board! We went with a double-stick popsicle design. Since those are fairly “square,” we simply drew the dip at the top of the chalkboard  in chalk and indicated on the bottom where we wanted the popsicle rounded.
  2. Next up, we used our hot knife (an Xacto knife works just as well) to cut out the areas indicated on the board to achieve a popsicle shape. Feel free to adjust to your liking!
  3. For the popsicle sticks, we used Elmer’s White Foam board and cut out 3-inch wide sticks from the board and again rounded the bottoms with the hot knife.
  4. Next just paint your sticks with acrylic paint. A couple “rough” coats (don’t smooth them out too much) will give you a popsicle stick look and texture.
  5. Once your popsicle sticks are dry simply adhere them to the back of the chalkboard popsicle board with hot glue and you’re ready to rock!

DIY Popsicle Chalkboard |
Now it’s time to decorate your chalkboard! For this fun board we enlisted the help of our talented friend Brooke West of LURLY. She is an amazing chalk artist! Be sure to follow her Facebook page, she’s got some big things in the works that you’ll want to see! Brooke added a “popsicle menu” to our chalkboard, with some of our favorite popsicle flavors! This would be perfect for a large party – just set up a popsicle bar for friends and family. JUST ADD POPSICLES.
DIY Popsicle Chalkboard | anightowlblog.comDIY Popsicle Chalkboard | anightowlblog.comDIY Popsicle Chalkboard | anightowlblog.comDIY Popsicle Chalkboard | anightowlblog.comDIY Popsicle Chalkboard |
And you know what I found? I could take pictures of popsicles all day long. Aren’t they so BRIGHT and pretty? I just love the vivid colors. But so that I don’t bore you with 100 more pictures of fresh and fruity popsicles, I’ll return to the party. Don’t have any huge parties left this year? Do what we did and throw our kids a little “End of Summer” Popsicle party! Mine may have eaten more than one, and there was definitely plenty to clean up afterwards, but it was SO MUCH FUN! I mean, just look at these faces!
DIY Popsicle Chalkboard | DIY Popsicle Chalkboard |
Pure happiness. And who wouldn’t be, with a popsicle! So head out and snag yourself some Elmer’s chalkboard foam board and let’s put together more End of Summer popsicle parties! I know we’re going to have at least ONE MORE this year!


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Chalkboard Art by Brooke West


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