Knock-Off Pottery Barn Birch Candles

Knock-Off Birch Pillar Candles Tutorial by @anightowlblog

DIY Birch Candles - learn to create your own faux birch candles in just minutes at | #potterybarn #knockoff #birch #candles

Hi friends! Have you seen the fabulous birch candles that are being sold by fabulous stores such as Pottery Barn and World Market lately? I’m in love with them. Well today I’m sharing a quick and easy tutorial on how you can make your very own Knock-Off Pottery Barn Birch Candles with LED pillars from the Dollar Tree!

To get us started, here is my inspiration from Pottery Barn:

Pottery Barn Painted Birch Candles

What you’ll need:

  • Dollar Tree LED pillar candles
  • Birch or Wood patterned scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge and application tool
  • Twine

And the steps:

  • Cut the wood patterned scrapbook paper to the heighth of the LED pillar candle
  • Apply Modge Podge to the back of the paper
  • Wrap the paper around the LED pillar candle
  • Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the outside of the seam for extra durability
  • Tie a length of twine around the candle, and you’re done!

DIY Birch Candles - learn to create your own faux birch candles in just minutes at | #potterybarn #knockoff #birch #candles

And here is how they turned out…

DIY Birch Candles - learn to create your own faux birch candles in just minutes at | #potterybarn #knockoff #birch #candles

DIY Birch Candles - learn to create your own faux birch candles in just minutes at | #potterybarn #knockoff #birch #candles

DIY Birch Candles - learn to create your own faux birch candles in just minutes at | #potterybarn #knockoff #birch #candles

Aren’t they super cute? I’m so happy with how my own version of the birch candles turned out, I’m heading back to the Dollar Tree to pick up more LEDs! And how cute would these be as a gift? I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to have a set. A perfect DIY for your holiday gifts or to spruce up your household this season.

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  1. I love that these are flameless, because with my 16 month old and my dog, candles are not an option here! Plus, these look JUST like the real thing. I’m pinning this– they’ll fit in perfectly when I finally get around to re-doing my room in my bird theme!

  2. Such a fantastic idea Kimberly, and they look so real! I also love the flameless part, as my four year old constantly tries to blow out any lit candles. She scares me a little. So glad you shared. I’m heading to the Dollar Store tomorrow!

  3. Oh!! They turned out GREAT Kimberly!!! I sooo want to try and make some!! Very very pretty!!!

    Don’t forget to stop by From Dream To Reality and share your beautiful creation!! Have a GREAT day!! xoxo

  4. Brilliant! This is one of those fabulous gifts for “the one who has everything.” I have a couple of those on my list.

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  6. I’m always looking for affordable, quick and easy projects and your birch candles really meet those specs. Now if $tree just cooperates by having the led candles. I read about so many great items bloggers buy from $tree but when I go to ours (2 of them in Grand Junction, CO) I very seldom find all the great bargains bloggers talk about. These candles can be used for a long time with the birch like paper on them. So glad you shared this project and I’m a new subscriber. Happy weekend

  7. Thank-you so much!! I had just decided to make a center piece for my table out of a wreath and some deer antlers, and I wanted to put birch candles in the middle. But didn’t really want to buy them (costly) I thought of getting the sheets of birch and wrapping candles with them. I found LED candles at a store for 9.99 and thought about those too. But this is soooo much better and cheaper!!! You’re a life saver.

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  9. I was at the dollar tree the other day staring at things trying to come up with something. And of course completely uninspired…..I so need to go shop with you for a day! 🙂

  10. I tried this and it turned out so cute. Super easy. Thanks for the great idea. I posted to pinterest for others to share and do!

  11. Hi Kimberly,
    I did this too, and it turned out just like your picture, so I didn’t take a pic of mine, because I’m not a very good photographer –LOL!
    Anyway, that never happens to me –something turning out just like it’s ‘sposed to, so thank you so much for that!!!! This is way cool and way elegant and way cheap!

  12. These turned out great. I love the birch look candles too and have been trying to decide how I could make some similar candles. The scrapbook paper looks perfect, I am off to search my scrapbook paper stash in the hope I can make something similar. I still may go out and find myself a piece of wood and get the drill out to insert a tea candle into a piece of birch too.

  13. Another fairly cheap option for these beautiful candles are to actually use sheets of birch, they are sold on you can get 3 sheets of birch 15inches x 6.75 inches for only 6.99!

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